Podovi Nastilki Logo

“Podovi nastilki” Ltd’s aim is:

To work for the clients as an integrator of quality products, making it possible to buy and use in the most effective way floor coverings needed for the administrative, civil and business activities. Our staff will spare the necessary time in order to get familiar with your particular needs and will offer you the best solution. As your loyal partner, we will help you with our knowledge and be available for your questions and recommendations. On your rectitude we will answer with improved conditions with every next deal.

Our main values are:

  1. Professional service at the highest degree
  2. Expanding the circle of offered services depending on the needs of the clients
  3. Constant care for enhancing the qualification of our employees

We work for our clients by:

  1. Understanding their needs and aiming at offering the adequate solutions for them
  2. Engaging all our resources in order to meet and satisfy all their needs
  3. Creating and maintaining honest relations in partner and professional spirit
  4. Appreciating the time of every client