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How to choose suitable flooring

For registered users this section gives access to a huge database for floorings, their application, price lists, installation, preparation of the subfloor, technical data and a lot more...

If you experience difficulties in choosing suitable flooring, in this section you can find the best solution, depending on the function of the area.

Areas of application are separated in several categories, in every of which you will find the most common types of areas.

You will find the some general requirements about the flooring depending on the area. It is possible that they are different for your area because of another specifications.

The natural wooden floorings are a great solution in case you are looking for more comfort and luxury. They are suitable for your home, as well as luxurious cabinets and conference rooms. We recommend: multi-layer parquets Parador, ornament parquets Berti.

The laminated floorings from Parador are practical, easy to maintain and at the same time they create comfort and warmth just like wood. They find application in home areas.

Forbo vinyl floorings are suitable for public and industrial areas with medium, high and extreme load. They are especially suitable for office and trade centers with direct contact from the street, hospitals, schools and kindergartens, gyms, stations, pharmacies, catering establishments, places, used for production for light industry, workshops, warehouses, etc.

Forbo Flooring is a world leader in linoleum with market share of 60%. The big variety in colors is inspired by the nations and cultures of the world. It is used in offices, hospitals, schools and public buildings.

Carpets (rolls and tiles) find wide application in offices, hotels, corridors and conference rooms. They create a suitable atmosphere for work with enhanced sound-absorbing properties.

The diversity in sports floorings and artificial grass is a result of the specifications of every sport and different usage of sports grounds.

Regardless of whether we are talking about home, office or store - the protection from dirt on the entrance is crucial. With Andac and Emco