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A bit more about our products:


Forbo Flooring is a world leader in linoleum with market share of 60%. The big variety in colors is inspired by the nations and cultures of the world. Marmoleum has a central place in the rich choice of floorings from Forbo. It is used in offices, hospitals, schools and public buildings. The floorings are incombustible (class M1), antistatic and antiallergic.

Heterogeneous vinyl flooring

Vinyl floorings are suitable for public and industrial areas with moderate, heavy and extreme load. Also, they are exceptionally suitable for office and trade centers, hospitals, schools and kindergartens, stations, pharmacies, catering establishments, places, used for production for light industry, workshops, warehouses, etc. These floorings are the solution if you are looking for low maintenance in combination with great durability, as well as heat isolation as material's quality. Forbo has a large scale of colors, with possible combinations between them.

Homogeneous vinyl flooring

Depending on the type of the floorings, they find application in warehouses /Forbo Colovinyl/, hospitals /Forbo Colorex/, stores, supermarkets and other high-load areas /Forbo Colorex Concept/. Forbo Colorex EC are homogeneous vinyl tile floorings specially developed for hospitals, operating rooms, MRI rooms and other areas with sensitive electro appliances and are preferred for buildings and areas in which the hygiene is with critical importance. Exceptionally durable, covering all European standards for hygiene, antibacteriality, electric conductivity, comfort and easy cleaning.

Carpets and carpet tiles

Carpets (rolls and tiles) find wide application in offices, hotels, corridors and conference rooms. They create a suitable atmosphere for work with enhanced sound-absorbing properties, the floorings are very durable and resistible to furniture wheels. Podovi nastilki Ltd works with manufacturers like Vorwerk - Germany, Domo - Belgium, Axminster - Britain. Depending on the client - the carpet's composition may be wool, PA and/or PP. We can satisfy your special needs for carpets, for example imprinting of figures, logos, names, etc. There is a large variety of carpets and carpet tiles with more than 70 collection from the manufacturers.

Access floors

The access floor is a suitable solution for offices, administrative buildings, computer halls, etc. Its construction allows quick and easy access to all kinds of systems underneath and that's why it is a preferred solution in contemporary construction. Its advantages are easy installation and deinstallation, ensuring free access to the cable systems underneath, working places can change their positions, regrouped and increased thanks to the easy reorganization of the cable systems. Every element of the access floor (panels, pedestals) can be easily replaced in case of necessity.

Rubber and polyurethane floorings

Mondo is a leader in manufacturing of rubber floorings. Those kind of floorings are exceptionally appropriate for the most public areas. They are resistant to cigarette burns, antibacterial, easy to clean and find application in hospitals, kindergartens and offices.

Indoor sport floorings

Depending on the function of your site, we will offer you the most suitable solution. You can choose between rubber and vinyl floorings Mondo and self-leveling sport floorings on acrylic base from the Greek manufacturer Polat. The self-leveling sport floorings on acrylic base are ecologically clean and have an unique end effect and high durability. They consist of recycled rubber granules, which provide excellent sound absorbing properties. Mondo's rubber and vinyl floorings are certificated by world sanitary-hygiene federations. They have excellent playability properties and protect the users from bruises. These floorings are suitable for usage in indoor sport halls for tennis, volleyball, football, basketball, handball, gymnastics, table tennis, skateboard parks and in other areas with high load.

Outdoor sport floorings

In this area, as well as the indoor floorings, we can offer you a wide variety of products. Depending on the type of the sports ground, you can choose between Mondo's rubber floorings and the self-leveling acrylic base ones.

Turf and artificial sport grass

Mondo and Domo's artificial grass is acknowledged by internatinal sports federations - FIFA, UEFA, FIBA, etc. IT guarantees maximum security for its users and has excellent dynamic characteristics and perfect leveling of the upper layer. The grass' elasticity is precisely controlled, it does not need any special care like turf replacement and watering, which decreases the cost of usage in the long term. It is synthetic and can be used through the whole year, because it is not under influence of the weather conditions (it's optimal usage temperatures are between –30 º С and +50 º С). Depending on the function of the sports ground the artificial grass is: for football, tennis, golf, field hockey, rugby.

Ударопоглъщащи настилки за детски площадки

Каучуковите плочи и излятата каучукова настилка са ефикасни и трайни, с отлични ударопоглъщащи качества. Излятата ударопоглъщаща каучукова настилка е хомогенна маса от слепени каучукови гранули, която се смесва на място и се излива върху вече съществуваща подходяща основа или върху основа, специално подготвена за целта. Настилката може да се полага на различни дебелини, възможно е да се правят различни дизайни. Отговарят на изискванията на БДС EN 1177 Ударопоглъщащи настилки за площадки за игра: Изисквания за безопасност и методи за изпитване. 

Professional door and logo mats

The German company Emco is a leading European manufacturer with solid traditions in production of doormats. It has developed many products, which, besides their functional purpose, aim for to emphasize on the image of the company, which is using them. A lot of companies use indoor logo mats to combine individuality, style and functionality in the entrance zone. Their appearance is developed in an individual project. The protection on the entrance zone from bringing in dirt in the office, store or home is of critical importance. The doormats from Andac /Turkey/ can help you achieve effective protection by forming of different zones.