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Types of outdoor sport floorings

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In the today`s article we will try to present the types of outdoor sport floorings. The choice of a specific flooring depends on the type of sport that is going to be practised., the technical characteristics of the flooring, its composition and the price as well.

Depending on the sport that is going to be practiced we can divide the floorings into the following groups:

- for tennis

- for football

- for volleyball, basketball

- multifunctional, etc.

Depending on the ingredients of the floorings they are:

- artificial sports grasses

- natural grass

- rubber floorings

- acrylic based self-levelling sports flooring

- шамот

1. Artificial sport grasses - suitable for different types of sports - tennis, football, minifootball, golf, rugby, etc.  The two major types of artificial sports grasses are polypropylene or polyethylene. The main difference is that the polyethylene grass can be used during the winter, because the low temperatures are not making it fragile. The polypropylene grass freezes so it is easier to crush or break it when playing. The polyethylene grass is also softer. The main advantage of the artificial grasses is the fact that the playgrounds may be used all year round and there are no time limits for their explotation. They can be used in the twenty-four hour period in contrast to the natural grass. The exploatation costs are low, periodical maintenance is required. The polyethylene palygrounds can also be used during the winter after the snow is cleaned. The playgrounds can be used immediately after rain too. For the different typs of sports the artifical grasses come in different heights. The sprinkle is also different - quartz sand or combination of quartz sand rubber granules.

2. Natural grasses - it is no accident that all the prestigious tournaments and serious football tournaments are taking place on field with natural grass. It gives the ball optimal jump off. After each use, however, the grass has its regenerating period, which decreases the duty time. The grass needs serious maintenance too and the overall costs for this type of fields are high.

3. Rubber floorings - depending on their purposes the floorings have different characteristics and are divided in in different groups: rubber floorings for tennis, basketball, athletics, etc. They all deliver step comfort, high durability and significantly decrease the strength of the hit when somebody falls, wich reduces the chances of injury.

4. Acrylic-based self-levelling sport floorings - suitable for tennis, basketball, volleyball, etc. They are environmentally friendly with high wear resistance, which makes them suitable for heavily loaded playgrounds and school yards. In their composition the floorings have recycled rubber, which enhances the sound absobrtion. The flooring provides comfort and significantly decreases the chances of injuries. The weather conditions - like rain, snow, ice or sun do not damage the flooring. It can be easily repaired in case of other damge. The flooring is laid over asphalt or concrete.

5. Шамот - шамотната настилка се изготвя от смлени керамични изделия, направени от висококачествена изпечена глина. Смленият материал има висока пластичност, хигроскопичност и чистота от вредни примеси. Настилката има добро приплъзване, правещо контузиите по-редки, отскока на топката е по-бавен и разиграванията са по-продължителни. Игрищата с шамотна настилка изискват постоянна поддръжка, добра поливна и дренажна система, тъй като експлоатирането на този тип настилка е само във влажно състояние.