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Installation of heterogenous vinyl floorings

There are several basic rules that should be observed during the installation of the vinyl floorings. They are as follows:

Preinstallation requirements:

1. About the base: a dry surface (<3%CM), clean of dust and construction waste, even and aligned. Installation over putty, which is partially unglued or/and uneven. As a rule, vinyl floorings require aligned and evan base.

2. The room temperature should be between +15 и +25 ºС.

3. There shouldn't be any other construction works going on, that will obstruct the installation of the flooring.

Flooring installation includes the following actions:

1. Shipping of materials to the site

2. Materials stay in the room at least 24 hours and the temperatures should be between +15°C and +29°C. The same applies to the glue and the primer. During installation the temperature in the room should be the same - between +15°C and +29°C. The humidity level should not exceed 75%.

3. Cleaning of the sub-floor from dust and other contaminations.

4. Unpacking of the rolls and obligatory check for defects and color differences.
5. Cutting the flooring. .Afterwards it is left to "rest" and acclimatize depending on its type.

6. Laying the flooring and glueing it.

7. Making weldings - the gaps between the floorings are filled with welding cord for greater strength using special machine - hot air pistol. There are cords of different types and colors for every type of flooring. The weld is made 24 hours after laying the floorings and a canal is made using a special tool trough the two floorings.

Not every client wants the gaps to be welded. In this case the two floorings are glued tightly together.

The following actions are not included in installation:

1. Floor cleaning after installation.

2. Moving of furniture and other items. as well as taking them out of the room. The rooms should be empty and there should not be any other construction works going on.